TV Support

Manchester-Hartland Telephone IPTV is powered by Bevcomm.

During office hours, call the MHTC office at 826-3212.   
After hours, contact us at 826-3800.

 Things the try first:

  • If your TV screen say "Press Ok Button"   Press the STB button on your remote, then press the OK button.
  • If you can not change the channel.  Make sure there is nothing blocking the signal from the remote to the STB.   Make sure the STB button is pressed on the remote.
  • If your TV says "No Signal"  Your TV is probably on the wrong input.  Press the TV button on the upper left.  Then the Input button on the bottom left until the tv appears.  Make sure you press the STB button on the top right when you are done.
  • If you have nothing but a black screen, then pull the power cord from the STB for 10 seconds.  This may fix the issue,  You will see the word Amino on the screen and the STB will download the infomation it needs which can take about 5 minutes.


Remote Setup Codes and Use Guide

Remote Control Codes (pdf)


Remote Users Guide (pdf)


FullLineup_11-27-2018 (pdf)


Whats on TV

Whats On TV Introduction

Using the On Screen Program Guide

On Screen Program Guide

Working with Favorites Lists

Setting up Your Favorites

Controlling Live TV

Controlling Live TV

Recording Program Reminders

Setting up Recording with a DVR