Expanded TV/Local Telephone Service--Package 2

Package 2:___$125.08/mo.


Expanded TV Lineup

Local Telephone*

* Pricing includes:

  • SLC charge           $6.50
  • 911,TAM, TAP   $1.10

                                   Total:  $7.60

**Surcharge is the FUSC charge approx...$1.37**

Additional Set top Boxes

Package includes a basic Set top Box.  

Additional Set top boxes:

  • DVR STB             $10.00/mo
  • HD/DVR STB   $15.00/mo
  • Basic STB            $6.00/mo.

Replacement Remotes  $20.00


 MHTC offers a Whole Home DVR to its customers. Most homes only need one DVR for the home, this allows customers to record shows and movies to the DVR from around the house through the regular Set Top Boxes.  You can record three shows and watch a fourth on the DVR box.  It also allow customers to watch recorded shows on any of the Set Top Boxes. 


    Free basic installation for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Set Top Boxes.  $50.00/hour for installlation fo any additional Set Top Boxes.  The first basic Set Top Box is free with service,  additional basic Set Top Boxes are $6.00/month per box.  The first DVR Set Top Box is $10/month for standard definition or $15/month with high definition.  Additional DVR's are $10/month.Seasonal Disconnect or Reconnect for TV is $20.00

* Basic installation includes the installation of:

  • network switch
  • ethernet cable to STB's in residence

**Additional installation costs may apply for non-basic installations

Basic TV Lineup

Expanded TV Lineup

Premium/Additional Channels